Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Carol Yeung, Founder

Carol Yeung did her first event project in 2008 for her photographer friend. The art exhibition was sponsored by international fashion brand Agnes b and it was a great success. Since then she continued to work with other event groups, and became a professional sponsorship rep officially since 2010.

Some of the bigger event groups she has worked with include: Dumbo Art Festival, Affordable Art Fair, Zero Film Festival, Brooklyn Short Film Festival and Nolcha Fashion Week etc

Carol started Brand Story with a mission to connect creative talents with the right partners and resources. She gets involved in event projects that aim at engaging audiences with innovative live entertainment. Her expertise include film, music, fashion, food and tech events.  

Prior to Brand Story, Carol worked for international media group News Corp. She started her career as publicist for TV channels such as National Geographic Channel, FX and Fox. She later moved onto the marketing field with a focus in event promotions. Some of the projects she was involved in include American Idol, Mad Men Agency of the Year Award 2009 (a trade event), and Heroes World Tour. 

Outside of promoting events, she is also a tennis fanatic, history buff and a ‘cocktail artist’.   

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